Mosser Capital Management, LLC (MCM) is a boutique, private equity real estate investment management firm located in San Francisco. MCM focuses on identifying, acquiring, and managing value add investment opportunities which are located throughout California.  MCM is a best in class and fully integrated real estate investment platform and is seeking to significantly expand its current portfolio of 3,500+ multifamily units. 


Job Description:

Mosser Capital is currently seeking a senior and multi-functional candidate for our San Francisco office that has significant experience in Portfolio Management and Asset Management.  The VP of Portfolio Management will have broad exposure and work in the following areas including but not limited to; Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Acquisitions, Investor Relations.  The Candidate will report directly to senior members of the Mosser Capital investment team in various duties as described below. 



  • Financial Responsibilities: You will actively manage the financial performance of assets within the portfolio, i.e., oversee unit turnover process (unit pricing, renovation scope, coordination between operations/property management and renovations teams). You will also perform financial assessments of and provide recommendations and monitoring of capital projects, commercial leasing (NPV, break-even, net effective rate), sales analyses, refinancing analyses, benchmark portfolio performance, and calculate ROIs for future and existing re-positioning efforts.

  • Cash Management: Work with FP&A, the accounting team, Asset Manager(s) and CFO on cash management functions including analysis, forecasting the portfolio’s cash position factoring in anticipated future performance, capex and renovation activities, and financing structures. Communicate any potential cash contributions or distributions to investors on a timely basis and ensure timely processing.

  • Performance Management: The PM will have the following performance management responsibilities: asset analysis and valuation, pricing strategy, operational and financial reporting, budget preparation/review, and financial systems management. Analytical support for management of a portfolio of assets along with developing strategic asset plans, budgeting, and supporting revenue management/unit pricing. 

  • Asset Management: As a dual role you will be directly overseeing a portfolio of assets as the Asset Manager and be directly responsible for unit turnover  (financial/coordination/scope feasibility), leasing decisions, and asset/project level execution.

  • Annual Budgeting process: You will work in conjunction with FP&A, Head of Asset & Portfolio Management, Operations, Project Management, and Accounting to develop and be responsible for all annual property budgets.  The goal of the budgeting process will be to review and drive the process from an owner’s perspective and maximize value creation throughout the budget year while setting realistic targets for owners.

  • Reporting and Analysis Responsibilities: As the VP of Portfolio Management, you’ll be maintaining and enhancing the Asset Management and investor reporting platform, tracking returns, identifying trends in the investment vehicle(s) and portfolio(s) under your purview in order to mitigate risk and increase various revenue streams. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for investor reporting; including asset and portfolio level performance, financial performance vs budget and same store internal and external comp metrics.

  • Revenue Management: In collaboration with the Asset Manager(s) and Investment Analyst(s) as well as the Leasing team, you will track market/submarket trends, external and internal rent comparables, and recent leasing statistics and be responsible for achieving maximum potential rents and to effectively drive pricing and concession strategy in conjunction with leasing and marketing teams. 

  • Internal Communications: You will initiate communications and work with Asset Managers, Project Managers, Property Managers, Renovations, Leasing, and FP&A to develop strategic asset plans as well as oversee the implementation of these plans. Additionally, you will assist and play a proactive role in the coordination of due diligence requirements with lenders and third party consultants and underwriting efforts.  In doing this you will contribute and provide support for major re-financings, equity recapitalizations, property and portfolio level due diligence for fund investors, and dispositions as needed.


  • Physical Presence at the Asset Level:  Visit assets regularly on a quarterly basis, maintaining professional relationships with on-site management teams and building trust and confidence with all team members as well as developing a deeper understanding of particular strengths/weaknesses and needs of each asset in your portfolio(s).


  • Exit / Sale Analysis:  As Portfolio Manager you will be responsible for identifying and assessing the right time to sell, recapitalize with debt or equity all investments in your vehicles under management. 


  • Investment Committee:  As Portfolio Manager you will play a key role in monitoring the credibility of new investment opportunities and measuring the success of existing investments while advising the Investment Committee and making recommendations for potential acquisitions that provide compelling risk adjusted returns for the specific investment vehicle while factoring in concentration and diversification risk, amongst other factors.  The PM will be responsible for organizing and storing all IC related materials and investor related reporting and communications for each investment vehicle under his/her purview.


  • Acquisitions:  As Portfolio Manager you will assist in finalizing and review of IC memos and disposition analysis reports delivered to IC as well as review of financial models and other analysis developed by the investment team pertaining to your investment vehicle(s). 


  • Training:  The VP of Portfolio Management will be responsible and integral in the ongoing training and development of the rest of the investment management staff including Associates, Analysts, and various support staff in order to maximize the productivity and success of the investment team as a whole.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • Business acumen: understands business implications of decisions; displays orientation to profitability; demonstrates knowledge of market and competition; aligns work with strategic goals

  • Interpersonal skills: considers and responds appropriately to the needs and capabilities of different people in different situations; is tactful, and treats others with respect; relates effectively to others when encountering difficult situations

  • Communication:  speaks clearly and effectively, is thoughtful, persuasive; writes clearly and informatively; varies writing style to meet needs

  • Judgment: exhibits sound and accurate judgment; can clearly explain reasoning for decisions; includes appropriate people in decision-making process; demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles; takes calculated risks to accomplish goals

  • Quality: demonstrates attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness


The Ideal Candidate:    

Our work environment is highly entrepreneurial.  We value honesty, integrity, high general intelligence, flexibility, an intense work-ethic, intellectual curiosity and ownership, collegiality and "a good personal fit" above everything else.


In addition to these personal attributes, the ideal candidate should have the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • BA/BS required. MBA preferred.

  • 10+ years of investment and/or asset management experience preferably in real estate investment management.

  • 3-5+ years of Portfolio Management experience preferably within a real estate private equity or similar firm

  • Experience overseeing and coaching Analysts and Associates

  • Competent in use of Microsoft Office, advanced use of Excel of Portfolio


Compensation:      Commensurate with ability and experience

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