A Message from the BREAA President

Dear Berkeley Real Estate Alumni community,


The BREAA leadership team and our broader community has been deeply angered and overwhelmed by the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. These tragic losses have shone a spotlight on the racial discrimination and systemic inequity still plaguing our country. BREAA condemns these and all forms of racism and discimination, and stands in solidarity with all who demand racial equity and justice and an end to police violence.


In times like these, it is imperative for us to unequivocally voice BREAA’s stance that Black Lives Matter. To our fellow community members who identify as Black or as people of color -- we firmly echo your calls for change and stand with you as allies in this fight for equality. 


As an institution, UC Berkeley encourages critical examination and does not shy away from addressing complex social problems. Berkeley Haas teaches leaders to question the status quo, to be a student always, and to go beyond yourself.  Never have these tenets been more important; we urge our fellow UC Berkeley alums to exercise these leadership principles to address the structural inequality, discrimination and violence that is all too prevalent in our communities. 


We are all leaders in the built environment, which is a field that has a profound impact on determining nearly every aspect of a person’s life.  As leaders, we must question the status quo in our industry and commit to bringing systematic change in our communities and organizations to create diverse, safe, equitable, and just spaces that begin to dismantle systemic racism. We each have a role to play.  


As small steps towards this long path towards justice, BREAA is committing to the following.  


  • Donated $1,000 to the Oakland Black Business Damage Fund, founded by Haas alumna Elisse Douglass. The fund has reached their fundraising goal but needs volunteers for a variety of work as business owners continue to recover. You can sign up as a volunteer HERE.    

  • Creating a Resource Center on https://www.berkeleyrealestate.org/ dedicated to providing resources for allies in the cause of achieving racial equity  

  • Organizing an upcoming panel event in July (date TBD) focused on diversity, equity and inclusion 

  • Continuing to develop content and discussion around diversity and inclusion via our Diversity and Student Engagement Committee

  • Launching our Student Fellowship Program which is rooted in our commitment to encourage a diverse next-generation of real estate professionals


We encourage our BREAA community to reach out to us to share resources, ideas, and thoughts. We recognize that bringing about real change will require a sustained effort on each of our parts, and we welcome your partnership in that effort. 


With an open mind and heart,



Briana Harney  

President, Berkeley Real Estate Alumni Association